Upcoming AQ 30 day fix (5 week total body condition program)

The next Fix starts 12th March at Zamzama and 13 March in KDA. For registrations please call 03363396680

What is the AQ 30 Day Fix? A Permanent Body Transformation.

08 Jun What is the AQ 30 Day Fix? A Permanent Body Transformation.

The AQ 30 Day Fix is a 5-week fat loss total body conditioning program. It is designed as a transformative program, helping students permanently alter their bodies, the way they think about their food and live their lives. Designed 2 years ago, approved by international trainers, piloted on a small group of students and improved over time, the AQ 30 Day Fix has helped over 2500 people lose weight/fat, improve their health profiles and achieve improvements in the following:

Body Composition: participants shed fat and build lean muscle, removing harmful adipose tissue and increasing lean body mass.

Muscular Fitness: participants build muscle mass, gain muscular strength and muscular endurance.

Cardiovascular Endurance: participants boost heart health and lung capacity, so they can push through the work out without fatiguing.

Flexibility: participants improve their range of motion, helping prevent injury and maintain body posture. They enter the program not being able to touch their toes, by the end of the session, they’re all grabbing on to their feet!

Using a combination of High Intensity Interval Training and Power Yoga, the Fix focusses on core-strengthening exercises as we believe your core is the foundation of each and every movement your body performs. Participants also report stress and anxiety relief, which is connected to unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns.

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