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Protecting Your Knees During and After Your Workout

04 May Protecting Your Knees During and After Your Workout

Discomfort in the knees is unfortunately something A LOT of us experience for many reasons: too much weight gain putting pressure on the joints, a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect alignment during training are among some of the common ones. It is normal for pains and mild injuries to take place during exercise, especially if you have been sedentary for a while. It is also EXTREMELY important that you protect your knees.¬†Here’s what to keep in mind during your work out and recovery:

1. Always soften the impact on your knees by landing on your toes, not on your heels or flat on your foot. Keep this in mind for high knees, sprints, squat jumps etc. (your trainer should be emphasizing this!)

2. If you are experience mild swelling/stiffness: REST, ICE, COMPRESS, ELEVATE: go easy on the exercises that are high impact on the knees, put an ice pack on your knee for 10-20 minutes, wrap it in an elastic band, elevate it every time you are icing/ sitting/lying down. This will reduce the swelling and increase the flexibility.

3. Take fish oil supplements! Omega 3s reduce inflammation and joint stiffness and are effective in relieving pain as early as 48 hours after you take them.

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