Upcoming AQ 30 day fix (5 week total body condition program)

The next Fix starts 12th March at Zamzama and 13 March in KDA. For registrations please call 03363396680



25 Jul What’s all the Hype About Ghee?

Ghee, or clarified butter, has been in our diet in parathas and curries for centuries. Nowadays ghee is rapidly gaining word-wide attention as a superfood packed with nutrients. It makes sense to throw out the Canola Oil from your kitchen and replace it permanently with...

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14 Jun Ladies! Get Your Macros, Despite the Fast!

Macro nutrients are defined as the primary nutrients your body needs to continue function: fats, carbohydrates and protein. Protein is the basic building block that your body’s tissues are made up of: hair, skin, organs, muscles, all that is made up of protein. Carbohydrates are what...

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08 Jun What is the AQ 30 Day Fix? A Permanent Body Transformation.

The AQ 30 Day Fix is a 5-week fat loss total body conditioning program. It is designed as a transformative program, helping students permanently alter their bodies, the way they think about their food and live their lives. Designed 2 years ago, approved by international...

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10 May Gear up for Ramazan: Intermittent Fasting and its Benefits

We’ve known it for centuries in the Muslim world, and recent research has begun to tout the benefits of what the modern world refers to as “intermittent fasting.” This is basically dividing your day between periods of “eating” and “fasting.” Intermittent fasting is scientifically proven to...

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04 May Protecting Your Knees During and After Your Workout

Discomfort in the knees is unfortunately something A LOT of us experience for many reasons: too much weight gain putting pressure on the joints, a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect alignment during training are among some of the common ones. It is normal for pains and...

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04 May Health Supplements: These 4 are all You Need.

For a lot of our students, the word “supplements” seems to have a negative connotation. It is associated with artificially induced strength, growth and fat loss. However, AQ Fitness believes that the correct supplements taken in moderation promote sustainable, natural muscle gain, fat loss and...

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